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Ken Roczen, KTM and N-Style dominate the AMA Outdoors

Ken Roczen, KTM and N-Style dominate the AMA Outdoors

Call it learning the ropes, being fashionably late or simply the next stage in the evolution of Ken Roczen, but no matter how you look at it, the young Red Bull KTM racer is beginning to put his mark on AMA Motocross in a big way.

With multiple 450 Class wins to his credit in just his first season in the premier class, Roczen is becoming the dominant rider many within the racing industry thought he would instantly be when he arrived in America several years ago. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day, as Roczen explains…

“It’s definitely more aggressive riding [in America]. In Europe, everybody kind of settles in. The races used to be 40 minutes over there and I think now they put it back down to 30 plus two, like here in America. Another thing was just the weather, the heat; it’s much hotter in America. It kind of made it tough on me just to really get going, but I feel like I’ve finally found myself and am just trying to keep going like how I’ve been.”

Yet despite his success and the pressure of holding the points lead in one of the most prestigious motocross series in the world, Roczen still manages to keep things light.

“I don’t feel like I’m at the race and I want to keep it that way just because I don’t like getting too serious and I like to have a good time. Once we start racing, if you kind of know where you’re at, you trained good, and you’re confident, at one with your bike, I think once the gate drops, that’s when I go into focus mode. I just know what damage I can do. I think it’s confidence.”

It’s obvious that whatever Roczen’s got going right now is working for him, which is good news for the Red Bull KTM crew – and an ominous thought for the competition.